Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sea Shore Evening

Hello again.. with me, Sinthia of Lovely Shayla :)

long timeeeeeeeeeeeee no any posting here.. hahaha..

So many things i've got in this past 6 months.. i'll tell you all on my next post, Ok! :)

and now, i just wanna share about my new batik dress.. well i found it at a small department store 1 month a go.. and i'm falling in love with this dress on the first sight.. hahaha.. really!!!

This photos were taken by my sis in law in the middle of this month. well, actually it was a my grandpa's sister 50th wedding anniversary.. HOHO..

It was held in Marina Ancol Bay Jakarta. It was evening, it's about 6 PM. :) no wonder all of on dark mode.. haha..

behind me is building on progress.. pretty huh?!

oooohh i loveee this skirt very much.. i added a big glossy belt.. and hey! goodnews, i got a brand new fave headscarf style :) i'll share the tutorial on next post.. finally, i completed it all with brown tartan bag.. i think this bag is very cute :).. i found it 2 months a go with my best friend at a shopping center at kuningan, jakarta :)

for shoes, i choose a jeans fabric flat shoes.. not so girly. and i thought it's enough proper for a semi-formal occasion.

Okayyy fellas.. on my next post.. i'll tell ya all what happen to me in this past 6 months, Ok.. see ya all.. byebye.. XOXO :)

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