Saturday, June 18, 2011

where i've been??

Hello again.. dear my blog readers.. it's very hurts me when i realize that i make this blog became very "empty". huhuhu :( actually it's so easy to make some new postings, or make some info or maybe just a fashion article or whatever it takes in my head, everyday. But it will be a hard things when it always dealing with something which called MOOD!!!. yeahhhhh.. i already fight for several times with this thing, and i never ever find the right way to fight with it. aaarrgghh.. dear MOOD, why you never been easy for me??? WHY?? Dear MOOD, can we just be a friend??? a good friend. a friendship with the MOOD. sounds crazy! hiksss T_T

but, don't worry, i'll always try my BEST to update my blog as fast as i can. sounds easy, but it's very difficult to do, really. Okay fellas, i'll tell you some reason why this my lovely blog become so 'empty' for several months.. here we go..

First, i helped my brother wedding on October 2010 (i wore my handmade kebaya dress, i carried a box of 'seserahan' for my sister in law in 'Akad Nikah' ceremony).

Second, helped all my brother preparation on his wedding party.

Tried to found some opportunities since i already resigned from my first job :p

Finally i found my second job in a brand new Sharia Bank.. hoho..

Sometimes hangout with my friends or attend some wedding party a friend of mine :)

sometimes i got culinary traveling with some friends..

and... celebrated a new year evening with my boyfriend :p

dating with my boyfriend.......... hehehe...

went to karaoke with friends..

and............. many things to do.. hahaha..


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nazirafarahinomar said...

salam shayla :).
you are very sweet my dear.

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