Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purity of Idul Fitri day , 1431 Hijria

hey dearestttttttttt fellas..

i would like to say HAPPY IDUL FITRI DAY 1431 HIJRIA, forgive me for my every unpredictable foolness, mistakes,stupidness and etc.. hehe.. may Allah Bless' us, gives us the holly heart and Loves us everyday.. and for always.. amiennn.. ^O^

well.. how's your ramadhan month? good? smooth? or even bad? hehe.. it was hot days for beginning and rainy days for the rest.. hufffff.. but it's okay for me, really.. sometimes when we have to be a MORE patient person, there is MORE things which come to our live that make us become a MORE unpatient person and become a MORE angry easily person! really!!!!!!!!!! hehe.. Ok, take a deep breath...... think clearly, be grown-up, and.... be more patient.. ^O^ that's my big point to do fasting month..

this is my scarft style for idul fitri day.. simple, greeny, no make-up on face.. just want to show a spirit of purity the holy idul fitri day.. hehe.. and there is a one big pimple on my cheek! haha.. see that.. ^.^v

well.. on the second day of ramadhan month, my father founded this little cat on the street. this kitty cat follow my father's step on the way from mosque to my house. it was 5 AM, he was so cold, hungry and so shy.. an orphan kitty.. so pittyfull.. hiks..

he used to shy.. just drink some several spoon of milk. but now.. OMG.. he is such a naughty kitty cat.. eat to much.. he got one big stomach now. hihi.. and always want to play around my house. bites my nail. grabs my hair. shouts loudly anytime he feels hungry.. naughty.. but i think i lil' bit fall in love with his cuteness.. hehe.. see that, he try to bites my nail again. naughty kitty.

actually, i try so hard to make this kitty cat to be a super cute photogenic animal. but i think he is too shy to do some attraction on camera. hihi..

for this idul fitri day, i wear a thin pashmina (long slayer) and i make it become a cute turban style with the bun above. it's so easy and you just need 10 minutes to make all of this scarft style.. really.. hehe..

i promise, there's no make-up or any cosmetics on my face at all.. this is the real me.. my after bath face. hehe.. so pale, no eyeliner, no mascara, no blush on, no glammy lipgloss,just my big round face, completed with my couple 'bakpao' cheeks. hehe.. but i glad to show you all my real me.. this photo just like my honest confession. haha.. lebayyyy mode on.. my REAL me. my PURE me. Purity of Idul Fitri.

see ya on my next posting fellas.. ^O^


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